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Part 2
Part 3

P&P3: Frame by Frame

Part 2

In an era

Ooh, regimentals! I have to say, I see what got Lydia so excited. :) For some reason, the town looks kind of fake here. I seem to recall that this was shot on site, though, so maybe it's just the lighting. (Or the fact that this is just a little trailer...)

When marrying a rich man

Kitty, Mrs B, and Lydia, having a grand time at the parade. I find the costuming choices very interesting for these three. Lydia and Kitty both dress in (what I think of as) an older style, which is much more like what Mrs. B wears than Lizzy or Jane or Caroline (whom we'll see later). These women seem to wear bodice-y things with lower waistlines and more "pieces". It's interesting since it suggests the affinity of their minds, although I'm not sure that women as shallow as these would be behind the fashions.

That said, I'm almost entirely ignorant about what the costuming should be for the time period. It's a transitional time they've chosen, I know, and my "knowledge" is much more general.


Wickham, looking sort of Orlando Bloomish.

Collins proposes

I like the looks of this. Collins seems nervous, and Lizzy seems (at least here) amused. Lizzy apparently has one muddy brown dress and one muddy green dress, so it's kind of hard to tell if this is the same thing she's wearing at the beginning or not.

Not much for me to say about the rest of this sequence, except that Mr B is bare-sleeved again. (And personally, I'm not digging the Benjamin Franklin hair.)

Your sisters

This is the shot they show over Mrs B's line, "save your sisters from destitution". I like how their dresses sort of deflate onto the couch, and Mary's poutiness is pretty hilarious. The furniture seems very stylish, and if the lighting is any judge, there's a big ol' window to the left. Jane and Elizabeth are nowhere to be seen. I wonder where and when this is?