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Part 2
Part 3

P&P3: Frame by Frame

Part 3


The first of two balls featured in the trailer (and the book). Can't blame Darcy for feeling a little above this one. This is a very country affair, sort of dark and dingy. Not that there are many people in this trailer you can accuse of looking tidy.


These are ball gowns? Again, Darcy gets sympathy from me. The girl on the left has her hair falling all over her face. Looks like fun, though.


Caroline's dress looks very stylish. (Why? Because it looks uncomfortable, especially compared to the work clothes Lizzy dragged out for this affair.) She's also looking delightfully catty. Sir William Lucas is looking very pleased with himself, to the right.


That has to be Charlotte Lucas on the left, giving the commentary, and a nice bit of casting there. Jane is another nice bit of casting, she's very pretty.


Is it just me or does Caroline's hair not match her dress? I don't associate that up-down poufy-bun-with-a-rat-tail with such a Regency-style dress. Can't say I'm loving Bingley's Mozart 'do either (a MoFro?).


We get a very brief cut-in from the later dance at Lucas lodge. Notice the soldiers, the lighting, the more genteel setting.

Also notice the different styles of dress.


And then within a blink of an eye, we're back to the first dance. This dress is familiar; Lizzy didn't put much effort into this, did she? Maybe this is an effort to get the audience on Darcy's side, rather than the usual idea that Darcy was wrong all along and Lizzy had to change him. Now there's a thought.