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Part 2
Part 3

P&P3: Frame by Frame

Note: clicking on each picture will open a full-sized version in a new window.


Is it just me, or is this road kind of grown over? Maybe it's because Jane Austen lived so long ago that roads were, like, a new invention.

Is he amiable?

Squee! A boy is coming! Mrs. B is front and center, with Mary to the left by the door (you can spot her a mile off) and Kitty to the right, I'd guess.

Is he handsome?

Mary's still by the door. Lizzy is center now, with Jane looking lovely to the right, and Lydia to the left.

He's single!

Here's an interesting one. There's Lydia lunging lustfully toward the bottom of the frame, and is that Kitty turned away slightly at the left? Jane has on the same dress from the previous scene, and in that one, Kitty's dress had some ruffles on it, so it could be her. I thought it was a maid at first, with an apron (although that would be sort of Victorian maid-y wouldn't it?). I want to see the rest of this scene; look at Lizzy's face, and Jane too. They're about ready to break up this little party.

I believe so

Mr. B, in his study. Nice cabinet back there, and his chair isn't too shabby either. Do we ever see him with a coat on in this trailer?


Ok, so some highly desireable piece of manflesh is coming so the girls all hurry up to greet him respectably. Right? Not so fast. Look at Lizzy, at the far left. (How do I know it's her? Because she's wearing a collared shirt. More on that later.) That's not what she was wearing earlier. Mary and possibly Mrs. B are the only ones dressed the same as in the previous shots. Also, there are only four daughters here, and Jane is the centerpiece of the composition. Verdict?

I'd say this is much later in the movie, after Lydia has left. Maybe I'm reading into it, but look at the way Jane's got her chin up and is staring into the camera as she rises. I'd say that's Bingley arriving. The commotion shots immediately preceding do match with this one, and I think Jane looks a little dazed or something in those too.

Mr Collins

But according to the trailer, it's Mr Collins. He shows up (with a little bedtime reading in tow), and we get a sort-of reaction Lizzy shot spliced in. The carriage behind him doesn't have a top, or is possibly a convertable. Not knowing much about carriages, I'd guess the opening shot is from something else.