TORn 101
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

A handy guide to some terms and acronyms used on TORn, for the newbie and not-so-newbie.

Admins: Short for administrators; find the current list here.

Bilbo’s Brainteasers: Weekly quiz run by Altaira, with input by Bilbo himself.

BS: Book Spoilers. (Why, what were you thinking?) Now for a moment of Tolkien-zen. Near-daily posts by grammaboodawg of excepts from the book for general discussion.

Drinking Game: What ensues when a question is asked that has been asked many many times before. Participants *glug* their drinks -- all meant in good humor, of course.

Eowyn Challenge: See Walk to Rivendell.

Estrogen Island: (EI) An occasional thread during which pictures of hot men are posted for all to enjoy. Testosterone Tower (TT) is the name given to a thread devoted to pictures of hot women.

Ezpeleta: Don’t ask. Really. To the best of our knowledge she is a minion of Sauron, and pure evil. You do *not* need to have these images burned into your mind forever. Seriously? You still want to know? Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Fiesta Friday: At noon EST, the board gathers for the one “chatty” thread of the week. The “bar” is opened by one of our Admins, and there follows a meet-and-greet amongst TORnadoes.

Figwit: An international phenomenon hatched right here at TORn by two of our posters. The name is short for "Frodo is great.... Who is that?!" To get the whole story, visit Figwit Lives!

Forum Member: See Registered User

Geeky Observation Lists: Compiled by eagle-eyed TORNadoes and edited by grammaboodawg, these are lists of little geeky details in the movies. View them here.

*glug*: See Drinking Game.

GMTA: Short for "great minds think alike".

IEC: Invisible Extra Credit. Recognition for answers in any quiz that aren't correct but have managed to make the quizmaster laugh out loud. (Sometimes getting an IEC is more important than getting the answer right!)

IIRC: Short for "if I recall correctly".

IMHO: Short for "in my humble opinion"; you might also see IMNSHO, which stands for "in my not so humble opinion" or just IMO, "in my opinion", depending on the humility of the poster in question.

LOL: Short for "laughing out loud".

Mathoms: In the context of the boards, this refers to the custom of the birthday person offering some little trifle on the occasion of their birthday. Every poster announces his or her own birthday and at the same time posts their birthday mathom, which may be a poem, picture, parody, or something not beginning with the letter 'p'.

Mediocrity Bench: Where one sits when one earns a 2 or a three or so on the SAST: i.e., a mediocre score. Hey, there are prizes for mediocrity, too.

Moot: A gathering of TORNsibs in real life.

NARF: "Not a real fan." Used ironically in response to people who assert that anyone who dares to disagree with their opinion is "not a real fan" of Tolkien.

OT: Off topic.

Parodies: When modern songs are altered to reflect Middle-earth. The TORNsib Bullroarer posted the very first parody, of the song "Copa Cabana". Celandine Brandybuck's Two for Tuesday posts usually contain a pair of parodies for your reading pleasure.

Psst: Indicates a post directed at one person

Registered User: See Forum Member

SAST: See Short Attention Span Theater

SFTH: Scenes from the Hat, a semi-regular game based on an improvisation technique (and a game on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Currently run by Aerlinn.

Short Attention Span Theater Quiz: also known as the SAST. A weekly quiz run by jflower and Roheryn which tests our brains on a randomly selected (?) chapter of LotR each week. See also: Mediocrity Bench.

Sock puppet: An alternate name used by a registered user. They used to be common, particularly on holidays such as Saint Patrick’s Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day, but they place a great strain on our poor old server and are strongly discouraged, to put it mildly.

Testosterone Tower: See Estrogen Island.

TiMe: Today in Middle-earth. Grammaboodawg’s periodic posts which keep us up-to-date with what is going on in Middle-earth on any given day. (using the dates from the LotR appendices as they are and not attempting to justify the two calendars).

TMEF: The Middle-earth Files; a regular feature on the Movie discussion board that examines the films.

Top Ten Lists: These used to be a frequent feature on TORN but are less common now. Some past themes have been: Top Ten Ways LOTR Would Be Different If Written by Ben Elton; Top Ten Plot Changes Dismissed By Tolkien, etc.

TORnadoes: (also known as TORnsibs, TORnstars, TORnies, 'sibbies): n, plural. Specialized breed of geek indigenous to Distinctive among geeks for comprehensive knowledge of Tolkien and his works, Peter Jackson and his works, Elijah Wood and his works ... {edited for space}. Also recognized by brilliance, creativity, slight myopia from prolonged exposure to computer monitors, and, on the whole, gregariousness, though often preferring the company of other TORn geeks over any other. Also often exhibit clever snarkiness and smart-aleckness. "TORNado" was the first name used, although some of the others are gaining in popularity. "TORNsibs" comes from TORn ( + Sibs, sort of short for siblings.

Two for Tuesday: See Parodies.

TYKT: Stands for Think You Know Tolkien? This is the name of a regular quiz series posted on the boards.

UUT: Utterly Unsupported Theory. The idea originated with the late, lamented Reverend in the Reading Room: it is a hypothesis which, though unsupported by hard evidence, fits the facts and fills in a hole in the Lord of the Rings universe.

Walk to Rivendell: An ingenious Tolkien-themed exercise program, also known as the Eowyn Challenge. The organizers have worked out various landmarks on Frodo's journey from the Shire to Rivendell and use those distances as goals for walking, biking, etc. Every Thursday you'll see an update post on Main congratulating those who have achieved some goal. To learn more or get in on this program, visit the site here.

WWWW: Women Who Worship (Elijah) Wood.

The original idea for this page came from Aerlinn. This final list is the product of a large thread on Main, and therefore I can't thank everyone who helped by name. I also can't thank them enough for their input. (awww!)