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TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

So how do I change my bio?

So, as you start trolling around TORn (not literally, we hope, but more in a fishing sense), you will probably notice the different font colors, sizes, and styles various members use to post. You'll probably also notice that clicking on a member's name brings you to a "mini-bio" page, and you will certainly notice the footers people have. How do people edit these things? Well, let me show you...

The real trick to this -- and it isn't even a trick, per se -- is that there are no separate "Existing Users" and "New Users" log-in screens, unlike Yahoo or Hotmail and the like. So your first step is to retrace your steps by going back to the register screen just like you did in the first place. There is a link at the top of each message board (right next to post a message), as well as on the discussion index page (the page that opens if you click on "Discussion" in the green sidebar).

Once you click Register, you should be faced with something like this:


All you do is type in your name and password (and click the button, of course). As you can see from my screenshot, there are a couple of shortcuts you can take here: if you have a cookie set with your password, you needn't fill it in, and the nick field is not case sensitive.

Now, you may be able to find what you're looking for yourself from here. But I'm going to run through the various widgets on this page and what they do, along with some important tips and tricks. Join me if you like.

Starting from the top...

The bulk of TORN 201 was written in July 2004, dangerously close to midnight. Therefore, I need your help in refining these pages. Please correct and suggest as you see fit. All changes adopted will be credited. (fame!)