TORn 101
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

Welcome to Newbie Boot Camp!

"There is no young creature, my Lord,
who so greatly wants, or so earnestly wishes
for, the advice and assistance of her friends, as I do:
I am new to the world, and unused to acting for myself; --
my intentions are never wilfully blamable,
yet I err perpetually!"

(Fanny Burney, Evelina)


OK, so "Boot Camp" is a little misleading . . .

It's really easy to have a bad start in a new community. Ask the wrong question, insult the wrong person, somehow break protocol, and you can come away with char marks from the flaming. And you may not even know what you did!

That's why this site is here. It all started in the Reading Room, with a rash of posts asking, "what's this for?" Next thing you know, it became a standard post, and a few weeks and lots of newbies later, it had ballooned into a 20-paragraph-plus newcomer's guide to TORn. Now, for the convenience of all involved, it has made its home here on the net, with several additions.

This page is meant as a public service, a place for those new to the message boards at to bring themselves up to speed. Obviously, you don't have to read this, and keep in mind that in places, this is very general. But once you graduate, won't you feel proud?

If you are new to the boards, please start with TORn 101, linked below. When you're done with that, and once you're used to the boards, check out TORN 201; but be warned that 201 assumes you've read 101. There is also now a Glossary, which covers some of the phrases and acronyms in use on TORn; again, it assumes some familiarity with the boards on your part.


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