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TORn 101
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences


Occasionally, someone comes on and posts nasty, insulting things. It's important in these situations that you keep your head. Don't respond in any way to these people, no matter what they say. Sometimes it can be hard to remember this; while it's easy to ignore someone calling you a loser, it's difficult to ignore someone who is insulting your religion or culture. Remember that they want to provoke you: you cannot win any fight with them because they will have won the minute you give in to temptation. Once you recognize a troll, it's best just to stop reading his or her posts. The moderators and administrators will take care of the problem.

On a somewhat lesser note, you may read a more or less provocative post without it being a post by a troll. Every once in a while, someone loses their head, or doesn't think about the consequences, or whatever, and posts something that really gets you. Never respond to the tone of someone else's post, only to the substance. After all, they've either said something that can be responded to substantively, or they haven't.  If you can't come up with an on-topic reply to a post that irks you, then let it pass.  Contributing something worthwhile may be the best revenge, and who knows, if what you say is good enough, it may even change their mind.

In short: keep your head, and don't respond to anger with anger.

And since we've brought up moderators...

Moderators and Modding

A good deal of the second paragraph has been quoted from N.E. Brigand. Many thanks!