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TORn 101
Moderators and Modding
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

Just briefly...

Moderators are people with 100 posts or more on a particular board. They vote on posts, up or down, as a method of praising or denouncing posts.

How you know you're a moderator: if the score box appears as a drop-down menu.

This is the bullet an unmodded post gets.

A post modded up (good thing).

A post modded down (bad thing).

Modding can be a fickle thing. In order to keep the servers running smoothly, stats get dumped now and then. If you notice that your modding ability has suddenly disappeared, this is probably the cause.

A little explanation from the FAQ to keep in mind when you start wielding your power: "Please note that this is to mark the quality of the messages, not to reflect your opinions of them.  If you disagree with a message but it makes a valid argument, then don't downgrade it.  As a general rule, just ask yourself "Should this message be deleted?", because downgrading a message below somebody's moderation threshold has the equivalent effect of deleting it."

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