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TORn 101
The mini-bio
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

As personal as you make it

One of the most serious, and yet most innocent, mistakes a newbie can make is to fill in very specific and personal information into the mini-bio. The information you type into these fields is visible by anyone who clicks on your name, so it is not a good idea to fill in your full name and mailing address! None of this information is required, so feel free to leave the fields blank or vague as you need to in order to feel comfortable. The description text box is for free-form information, and is a good place to fill in your e-mail address or instant messanger screen name if you want to make that available.

The most important thing here is just knowing that this information is public, and that you can change it at any time.

See that little button beneath the description box that says "Set Default"? Click that to save all your changes and view...

A convenient summary