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TORn 101
So many preferences
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

Slaloming through the technical fields

The next three sections -- "Index Header Preferences" "Message Preferences" and "Micellaneous" -- contain a lot of things I don't really understand (heh). But if I don't understand them, and have never had a need for them, I figure it can't hurt to just skim through them.

The whole "Index Header" business I would guess is best to leave as it is. The only interesting thing I see here is in the lower right hand of this section. The business about 'scores' goes back to modding. You can set here how quickly a modded message "disappears" to you. Remember that each message starts with a score of 5.

As for "Message Preferences," if you don't want to load other people's footers, you could do that right here.

Under "Miscellaneous," you can set your cookie and monitor size. The default submit state is fairly self-explanitory; if you drop down the menu, the options should look familiar from posting.

You will notice under "Miscellaneous" the Ignore List. This is useful if you have a hot temper, or if you have a tendency to hold a grudge or pick fights, or if you are getting tempted to reply to a troll. If you don't want to see a particular person's posts, type their name into the field, and use the drop-down menu to specify where you want to ignore the person. Only use this as a last resort and as an aid to your willpower in holding your temper!

Now, we're getting down to the fun stuff: