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TORn 101
Text Options
TORn 101: Getting Acquainted
TORn 201: Profiles and Preferences

Whee! Pretty colors!

The next big thing on this page is the set of "Font/Text Properties" fields. There are several things you can change here, and at least one you should not.


So looking at this: the first option you have is "font type". That means, do you want Times New Roman, Helvetica, what? The major trick to this is that you want a very common font, something everyone has, whether they use Mac or PC or a tin can with some string attached, or else others' computers will just substitute something. "Impossible!" you say. Well, you're not far off. If you want to try a font, then do so, but be prepared if people tell you that it's difficult to read or something. Just thank them and change it.

(You'll notice mine is blank. That just means I use the board's default. When in doubt, don't touch what's already there by default, you won't hurt anything.)

Next up is font size. You have a range of 9 to 14 to play with. Keep in mind, though, when toying with your font that some people have a harder time seeing than others, and if your font is too loopy, or your color too pale, or your font size too small, they may ask you to change it. Of course, now that you know how, that won't be a problem!

Next is color, with that cryptic notation off to the right hand side. All that means is that you can simply type in "red" or "green" or you can use HTML color notation. This kind of notation is used to pinpoint a specific shade of a color and make matching more precise on websites. Try here for some codes if you want to play around with it.

The next two drop-down menus are fairly self-explanatory. I would suggest keeping to a left alignment, and avoiding the right and justified alignments.

And finally: margins. Don't touch the margins! Just leave them at 0%, please. If you play with the margins, your posts will be pushed way over and become unreadable.

Right then, let's move on.

So many preferences